Who We Are

Creative Brands & Concepts Limited is a full-service business consulting, marketing, and training company that was established in March 2013. The company was created on rigorous understanding of people, companies’ institutional context, sector dynamics, and macroeconomic environment.

We are the champions in providing world-class training, events, and marketing solutions. Our team of consultants comprises leading thinkers from across the world, enabling us to respond with agility to clients on the most pressing issues facing their businesses. That’s why studying market trends, and emerging best practices in every industry locally and globally is our priority.

We are known for consistently creating innovative marketing solutions that is helping to redefine customer brands and positioning them for success. A creative team member is ready to help you “transform your ideas to reality

Our Purpose

To create positive enduring change in people and build world-class brands.


To assist our clients, make meaningful, measurable, and significant improvements in their team and overall company performance. We will build an outstanding organization that attracts, develops, motivates, and retains exceptional people that consistently deliver creative marketing solutions.


To become a world- renowned people development and marketing company, by providing innovative marketing solutions, impactful training, and learning events. We will be known for consistently delivering extraordinary customer experiences, creating positive and impactful results to all our clients and contribute to nation building. Our interactions with the people will continuously lead to creativity, innovation, and change the world.

We are Created to Serve You

Since 2013, our team of experts has been working to help companies all over the world doing what we love. Each day we anticipate serving our clients by creatively developing and designing:
1. Training to improve team competencies and productivity
2. Marketing Concepts & Ideas to reach your ideal audience
3. Brands and Digital solutions to create impactful online presence
4. Impactful, cutting edge global learning events to increase personal and professional growth
5. Connecting people and communities worldwide to expand business opportunities beyond geographical borders.

Industries We Serve